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You were born with the potential for much more than you've been conditioned to attain.  Breaking out of societal boxes and embracing universal principles 

spiritual truth

Every life principle is rooted in a spiritual foundation or truth.  When not convoluted by "religion," spiritual life applications are simple and life-changing. 

Nineteen years of research in Hebrew, Greek, ancient Judaism, ancient Jewish and Greco-Roman history, culture, and anthropology culminate into one life-changing work that has freed countless individuals from religious oppression and condemnation. Using the 30 page workbook in conjunction with the 2 hr video, you will be personally guided by Tiffany Adams through the most thorough explanation of "those" 6 scriptures in the Bible that you have ever experienced. Presented in Tiffany's classic style of scholarship laced with humor in plain language, you will not press pause once during the entire workshop.  Order your copy today!

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Workbook & dvd set  $20 + S&H

Tiffany ADams & Kingdom Outreach Fellowship featured in South carolina's "the state" newspaper

Tiffany Adams profiled in glaad's southern stories

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Being adequately prepared to lead your organization, community, church, etc to embrace diversity, apply spiritual principles, and empower and motivate your team is critical.