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about tiffany

Raised by a single mother just above the poverty line in a small Georgia town, Tiffany Adams is a sociologist-turned-theologian-turned spiritual teacher and therapist, .  Post graduation, she began a professional career in corporate administration, training, and management.  Outside of the office, Tiffany went on to serve in ministry at currently one of the fastest growing multi-cultural 20,000+ member churches the U.S.  There, she acquired years of training and experience in family crisis, teen mentoring, and prayer as well as focused training in small group and organizational leadership.  


In November 2009, she answered the call to begin planting a non-traditional, multi-denominational community ministry in the heart of Columbia, SC .  By May of 2010, Tiffany was firmly dedicated to her mission to minister to the spiritual needs of the local community through prayer, teaching, mentorship, and spiritual counseling.  ​​Drawing on over twenty years of scriptural scholarship, she teaches individuals how to understand and apply spiritual principles to daily living.  Her candid style of communication, laced with the humor of real life situations, allows groups, congregations, and audiences to understand the practical application of spiritual teachings.  The hallmark of Tiffany's mission is her personal commitment to empowering the average person with the ability to read, comprehend, and apply scriptural truths to everyday life.

Tiffany continues to lives in Columbia, SC with her wife, R.G. and son, Andrew; where they co-lead the spiritual community of The Way Worship Center, LLC and operate Adams Tranformational Therapy.